Use The Hometown Team

We are planning to sell our home and my husband and I have not decided who should list it for us.  He has a cousin who is in the real estate business but whose office is out of the area.  There is a local agent who sells most of the homes in our town.  Does it matter as long as the person is hard working and honest?

Hard working and honest are very important traits when hiring a real estate agent.  Others include good communication skills, knowledge of the business and proven success in the profession.  But one essential to success (and sometimes overlooked) is familiarity with the area.  The old mantra of location, location, location applies to real estate agents as much as homes.

I would recommend interviewing a few agents, asking them questions about their strategies and track record.  Interviews many times give sellers an opportunity to not only get a feel for the competency of the agent but if they like her.  An important question during the interview is, “How many homes have you sold in this neighborhood?”  If an agent doesn’t know the real estate landscape in your neighborhood, she will not be as effective in marketing your home.

Selling homes is like selling products.  Product knowledge is key to success in selling.  You don’t want a real estate agent cutting her teeth on your property.  The agent who is not only hard-working, honest and likeable but also an expert with a track record in selling in your local neighborhood is the person who will do the best job in working for you.  Use the hometown team.

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