We have a home with mostly stucco on the exterior.  Friends who recently sold their home in our neighborhood with the same stucco experienced some problems with selling because of it.  Do I have reason to worry?

Stucco is a preferred exterior product for a home, a step or two above vinyl siding.  Homes with stucco are usually more expensive and desirable since stucco is more costly to install and considered to be durable.

In the past few years, some builders installed stucco incorrectly with devastating results for owners who only discovered their problems when selling their homes.  Home inspections began recommending stucco inspections which periodically showed that moisture had penetrated vapor barriers.  Many times, expensive fixes were necessary in order to sell.  Word gets out and now stucco is suspect to many looking to purchase.

Because of this, sellers sometimes ask if they should get their stucco inspected before listing their home.  In their thinking, this would offset any problems that might pop up during the inspection process.  Unless your home is in a community that has experienced rampant stucco issues, I suggest you wait until a buyer is interested and deal with it during the inspection process.  The reasons are that stucco inspections cost up to $1,000 and if you get one before you list, that is your expense.  If your buyer decides to have one done, he pays for it.  The other reason is that some buyers are not concerned with the stucco and so may not request a stucco inspection which frees you from any expenses you may incur if something were found.

Selling your home is a step-by-step process best guided by an experienced real estate agent who is familiar with the process, the community and the area.  A good agent will help you not only list your home and market it well.  She will also lead you through each step so that before you know it, you are packing and moving on.

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