The Winter Market

We’ve been checking out homes online and drove by a few and feel like we are ready to begin looking more seriously.  However, since it’s the winter, we’re not sure if it’s a good time to purchase a home.  Should we wait until spring?

The perception that the real estate market is slower in the winter because people are preoccupied with holidays and football is real.  There are fewer homes for sale since some have sold or been taken off the market to give sellers a holiday break.  Other homeowners interested in selling are waiting for the spring when the grass is green, flowers are blooming and the weather is comfortable.

But this does not mean that the winter is a poor time to purchase.  The winter months showcase areas of a home not always considered during the warmer climates. When temperatures dip below freezing, it is a great time to evaluate how warm a home feels, how well the wood or pellet stove works or the coziness of the fireplace.

And because not as many people are looking during the winter months, it is a great time to find a deal as there are fewer buyers to compete with.  The lower demand will work in your favor.  Sellers may be more motivated.  Since they are not busy with showings, each one matters more and increases their desire for a contract.  Real estate agents are not as busy so have your undivided attention to get the best price for you.

The ideal time to purchase is the time that works for you, whatever the season. If you’ve done your homework online, I suggest finding a good agent who knows the community where you want to purchase and has a track record of success in that area.  She will guide you to the properties that fit your criteria and your search will begin.  Then, before you know it, you will be packing and moving on, very possibly paying less for a home because you bought in the winter.

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